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              Modified: Road, Track & Tri Shoes     $799 - $1100  

              Modified: Mountain Shoes                              $1250

              Molded: Road, Track & Tri Shoes       $1150-$1500

              Molded: Mountain Shoes                                 $1650


             NySkin™ zone A                                                 +$75

              NySkin™ zones B, C & E              (per zone)     +$40

              Heel grips added (Strada only)                         +$25

              Sliding cleat insert added (Strada only)           +$25

              Fit adjustment (after first free 90 days)          quote

              Custom Cleat Island on Modified Shoes         +$150

              Pro-Fit Orthotics (for Modified only)               +$150

              Custom Colors (Strada only)                            +$150

              Master Molds*                                                   +$200

              Rush Service** (subject to availability)           +$500

*Master Molds are recommended for customers who plan to buy multiple pairs. Your original molds will typically make it through production of the first pair. However extracting the molds from a second pair often results in the molds crumbling beyond repair. Master molds are negative fiberglass molds that can be stored and re-poured as many times as needed.


**Rush Service will place your shoes at the front of the production queue. Be advised; Rush Service is not always available. For efficiency our shoes are built inside a complex layered schedule and grouped in batches of 6 pair at a time. Rush Service availability will depend on the current workload or how disruptive the stoppage will be to the current batch of shoes being produced. Rush Service is non-refundable.

Shoe Types & How to Order

Molded  (Shoes made over complete plaster molds of your feet)

Riivo Molded Shoes are designed to link you with your machine in the best possible way. Using a cutting edge vacuum forming technique we handcraft each pair around plaster molds of your feet. The shoes are built to your specifications including: cleat position, shoe stiffness, foot alignment, forefoot wedging, leg length discrepancies, or any other special requests. Full custom shoes do not require orthotics, because the shoe itself is an orthotic.

How to order Molded Shoes...

First submit your deposit at the bottom of this page. If you cannot come to our workshop or meet up with us at an event we will send you our molding kit. About 80% of our custom shoes are made using this molding kit. If needed we can get on Skype and watch/coach live during the process. The $400 deposit will secure your production list spot and will be applied to the final balance. You can see our molding video here.  We will send a Paypal invoice for the final balance 3-5 days before shoe production begins.

Modified  (Shoes made over our standard last but altered to more closely match your foot profile and volume)

The Modified Shoes are for those who do not require full custom but do have some specific needs. Our Modified shoe is made by using a standard last but allowing you to make special custom tweaks to the shoe. Have Wide or Narrow feet?...Using your foot profile and circumference measurements we precisely add or remove material to our standard last according to your needs. Our Pro-Fit Orthotics are specifically designed to be paired with our modified shoes. Contact us now to see how Riivo can build a special one off pair of shoes just for you. Modified available sizes: 5US thru 17US (37EU - 51EU)

How to order Modified shoes...

- Provide accurate tracings, circumference measurements & photos. Instructions found here. Be sure to follow instructions completely. Please note your typical athletic shoe and cycling shoe sizes on the tracings. Please list US & EU sizes.

- Scan and email or send by mail.

- Submit your Modifed shoe deposit from the drop down menu found at the bottom of this page. The deposit secures your spot on our production list and is applied towards the final balance.

- We will contact you to discuss sizing and shoe details..

- We will send a Paypal invoice for the final balance 3-5 days before shoe production begins.



Pro-Fit Orthotics  (Custom orthotic insoles for our Modified shoes)

Pro-Fit custom orthotics are made specifically to pair with our Modified shoes. Our special casting process produces an ultra-thin orthotic that literally snaps into place. No more clunky, bulky, ill-fitting orthotics. A must have if you tend to experience “hot-foot” or tingling in your toes. This device will support your arch correctly reducing pressure on the forefoot.

How to order Pro-Fit orthotics...

You can order the do it yourself Pro-Fit orthotic casting kit for $75 from any shoe description page on this website. The $75 is a deposit that will be applied to the balance once the kit is returned. You can see our Orthotic video here. We will send a Paypal invoice for the final balance 3-5 days before orthotic production begins.

Warranty Information found here

To get started submit your shoe deposit below. The deposit will secure your spot on our production list. Once the deposit is received we will reach out to schedule your fitting appointment or to send you the molding kit. If you already know which shoe model you are interested in please note on the Paypal order. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. All sales paid for with credit cards/debit cards/checks with a Texas billing address will be charged Texas sales tax on the final invoice.

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