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ProTek GR

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The ProTek GR is our Gravel-Road Hybrid shoe. 

  • Hand made to order in the USA

  • Road style "look" cleat inserts for maximum power transfer and pedal stability

  • Off-road front and rear walking lugs

  • Added rubber bottom protection to protect carbon against flying rock damage

  • Available in any length, width or volume

  • DCC Dual shell construction

  • 3 zone closure

  • BOA® Fit System

  • Custom colors included

  • High rebound EVA insole

  • Compatible with our Pro-Fit Orthotics (modified shoes only)

  • Specially formulated heel grip pads

  • Laminated/Bonded upper construction

  • Vented EVA core anti-slip tongue

  • Replaceable cleat mounting plates.

  • Adjustable cleat mounting plates (18mm fore/aft) 

  • Weight: 10US/43EU 245-280 grams (dependent on foot volume)

  • Replaceable urethane  bumpers

  • Modified available sizes - 5US thru 17US


Modified $1400

Molded $1700

To get started submit your shoe deposit below. The deposit will secure your spot on our production list. Once the deposit is received we will reach out to schedule your fitting appointment or to send you the molding kit. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. 

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