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  Warranty Information  

Material & Workmanship Warranty

Riivo guarantees its footwear to be free from defect in materials or workmanship for (1) year from the date of purchase for the original owner. A product recognized as defective by Riivo will be repaired or replaced at Riivo's discretion. Neglect or normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. Riivo shoes are not designed for extended or extreme climbing, walking or running. A product recognized to be used excessively in this manner will not be covered under this warranty. Alterations to the original construction of Riivo shoes voids this warranty. BOA Closure System® warranty information can be found at:


Fit Warranty

All Riivo shoes include complimentary fit adjustment within (90) days of original delivery. During this period we will work on the shoes to modify or correct any fit issues at no additional charge. Major fit issues that cannot be corrected in our workshop are highly unusual. However, If there is a fit issue that cannot be corrected we have a few different options for our customers.

For customers that were molded or measured by a Riivo employee we have two options: (A) shoe pair rebuild at no charge, or (B) return the shoes for a refund of 1/2 the total shoe price paid. We allow the customer to choose the option they prefer. Once a shoe rebuild or 1/2 price refund has been made Riivo is no longer liable for additional rebuilds or refunds.

Customer executed molds or measurements: The majority of the shoes we build are made from customer executed molds or measurements. These are made remotely, using our molding kits and video tutorials. These shoes also include complimentary fit adjustment for (90) days. As stated, major fit issues are highly unlikely if the fitting instructions are followed correctly. If there is a fit issue that cannot be corrected in our workshop and the molds or measurements were customer executed, Riivo is not liable for shoe rebuild or refund. However, Riivo may offer to build 1 corrected replacement pair at 1/2 retail price. (For manufacturing reasons we do not build single replacement shoes, complete pairs only).

Customer is responsible for all associated shipping costs. For a fit warranty claim to be valid the shoes must be returned to Riivo for initial inspection within (30) days of original delivery. The fit warranty is valid for the original owner. Rush service, travel costs & shipping charges are non-refundable and not covered under this warranty.


Mold Storage Warranty

Many of our customers purchase multiple pairs so it is important for us to save and store molds. The molds make it through extraction from the completed shoes without major damage most of the time. However, on rare occasions breakage does occur. Riivo is not liable for refund or replacement of molds damaged or destroyed during extraction or storage. Riivo is not liable for shipping or travel costs incurred if remolding is necessary. Riivo may reach out by email periodically to all customers with molds in storage to inquire if storage is still desired. If the email does not receive reply within (30) days the molds may be discarded.


For more info or questions please contact us: or call 714-376-3630

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